Environmentally safe pond cleaning.

Got muck or algae that’s starting to kill your pond and make it ugly? MuckSuckers has the perfect, environmentally-friendly solution.

We will suck up the muck and restore your pond to its natural, pristine condition.

Sediment removal that works.

Muck creates a deteriorating cycle in a pond. Sediment collects at the bottom of a pond leads to degradation  of the pond’s ecosystem.

Harmful bacteria can grow out of control until they literally suffocate the pond, possibly eventually even leading to a fishkill.

The pond maintenance solution!

MuckSuckers pumps the sediment out of your pond, removing those toxic gases and harmful nutrients. Your pond is left to its natural beauty!

For a beautiful, natural, healthy pond.

  • No mechanical dredging.
  • No damaging pond liners.
  • No chemicals and no upsetting the ecosystem.

A healthy pond. At an affordable cost.

Commercial & Industrial

Maintenance and cleaning of retention and detention ponds, fire ponds, pump houses and other commercial and industrial reservoirs.


Environmentally friendly cleaning of residential ponds. For a beautiful, natural, healthy backyard pond.

Suck the Muck

Our extremely effective method of removing muck from your pond means you don’t have to drain it. We use pond water to our advantage, hydraulically removing muck from the bowl.

Reduce Costly Hauling

MuckSuckers can pump organic sediment to an inconspicuous location using our geotextile tubes. This greatly reduces costly hauling charges.

A Healthy Pond

Once your pond’s bowl areas are cleaned to their original bottom, the water quality and clarity is enhanced, giving your pond a fresh new start.

We remove sediment/muck from:


Private Ponds


Commercial Ponds


Fire Ponds


Public Ponds










Pump Houses

Before MuckSuckers…

Before Pond

After MuckSuckers…

After Pond

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